Enclave 7

50 Resolution Way, London, SE8 4AL

Systems of Displaying Matter


Courtesy of the artists.

‘Systems of Displaying Matter’, seeks to deconstruct the vegetable, mineral and architectural structures that we encounter on a daily basis. Kinetic sculptures, pulsing LED lights, and piles of reconstituted foam compose a cartoon representation of a natural ecosystem that frames common experience as a series of interlinked materials and relationships.

Formally, ‘Systems of Displaying Matter’ draws inspiration from cel animation, a technique of hand-drawn animation in which the moving figures are drawn on transparent paper or celluloid plates (cels) and laid over static background drawings.

Multiple large-scale billboard prints are layered in front of the space’s large exterior window. This creates an illusion of depth and volume out/with the gallery, that is unfulfilled in the interior of the installation.

The installation is accompanied by a limited edition publication, and an in-conversation event with the artists on 1 October at 3pm.


Eva Fàbregas, Rachel Pimm


Kirsty White