Light Eye Mind

176 Blackstock Road, London, N5 1HA

The Invisible Sculpture Workshop

event Saturday & Sunday 2-6pm

Alice Woods

The invisible sculpture begins as the idea that all objects in the world exist in the mind. The invisible sculpture represents the works, thoughts and objects that have not yet come into being and maybe never will.

In 2015 Tom Spicer created the first in a series of invisible sculptures. The first sculpture was formed in The Studio of The Mind, which at the moment of conception was situated in a residential garage on Bemerton Estate in Kings Cross. The invisible sculpture is not restricted by dimension or medium. It is not governed by newtonian law. It is not one thing alone & can exist in multiple locations & spaces. The invisible sculpture is an object of the imagination in constant flux. It belongs to the viewer & exists in the viewer’s mind.

The Invisible Sculpture Workshop is hosted by Tom Spicer & Harry Pearse. Guests will explore the imagination as a medium in its own right and as a sense separate and distinguishable from the others.


Tom Spicer, Harry Pearse


Alex Norie, Tom Spicer, Alice Woods, Dan Norie