Finishing Touch @ Unit 16

Unit 16, Market Row Brixton Market Coldharbour Lane, London, SW9 8JX

The Little Book of Answers and Act of Memory (Brixton)

event Saturday 2-5pm

The Little Book of Answers, Laura Malacart

Artist Laura Malacart has compiled ‘The Little Book of Answers’ using the answers to the UK citizenship test. Shown in alphabetical order, the answers appear as a collection of data, musical score or concrete poetry.

On Saturday there will be an afternoon of activities and discussions for audiences to take part in, in order to playfully experience how to perform the knowledge from the naturalisation test.

From 4-5pm there will be a collective recitation from memory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, presented in collaboration with Brixton market traders.

The performance takes Monica Ross’ ‘Anniversary—an act of memory’ as a model, carrying on the legacy of this project as the artist intended. These two projects, which use methods of memory and delivery for very different outcomes, are brought together to explore concepts of Britishness, citizenship and human rights. Booklets by PS London will be available.


Laura Malacart


Louisa Bailey & Joyce Cronin