Old Police Station

114 Amersham Vale, London, SE14 6LG

The Room is the Resonator – Paul Abbott and Alex Roberts


Extracts from Whistler’s Yellows 2015, Alex Roberts (left) and Mirror 2015, Paul Abbott (right). Image credit: Anna Barclay and Paul Abbott.

An exhibition in the unique context of the former cells and interrogation room of The Old Police Station in Deptford, exploring themes centred on memory, nostalgia and perception.

Mindful of Gaston Bachelard’s ‘Poetics of Space’, while simultaneously considering Lacan’s representation of the ‘real’, the exhibition considers the desire to leave and ‘remake’ a reality, whatever that may signify. The separate cells and interrogation room houses occurrences in relation to the two artists modes of practice: Roberts working primarily with paint and Abbot working with video but both sharing a keen interest in responding to the specificity of the given location. How might narrative threads be made and frustrated; how might ‘blind alleys’ allude to or corrupt a message; can a mirror be held to the theatrical space of the installation – its performativity – implicating the spectator in that conversation?


Paul Abbott, Alex Roberts