The White Building

7 Queen’s Yard London, London, E9 5EN

This Time With FEELing: Cycle #4


Megan Snowe

Presenting outcomes and questions developed by ThisTimeWith FEELing artists in residence, their projects are a culmination of a three month cycle within the SPACE Art + Technology programme at The White Building.

The ThisTimeWith FEELing residency takes a critical approach to boundary raiding, and questions the commercial drive towards the naturalising and subsumption of technologies that enable trading in, and simulating of, algorithmic emotional capital.

The human body is commonly accepted as the primary site of subjectivity, empathy and affective processes. However, with the pervasive and increasingly commercial development of Affective Computing – which aims to detect and respond appropriately to users’ emotions – and related prosthetic tracking technologies, the breakdown between human and machine is recast in the popular imagination once again.


Laura Yuile, Megan Snowe, Special Tears (Cassandre Greenberg and Christopher Kirubi)


Oliver Hickmet