the icing room

493 Forest Road, London, E17 5LD



Isobel Atacus

the icing room is a new living room gallery, born from an autocorrect error. It exhibits the not-quite-ready. The gallery shows incomplete stuff, exploring what happens to objects sent out into the world unfinished, shifted, unprepared… what happens to the object, what happens to the space.

The artists involved in ‘Traces’ for Art Licks Weekend work across different media but share a nomadic tendency and an interest in space, decay; the interaction between object and human and the inevitable crumbling of things: monument or ruin. There is also an interest in how space feeds into the process of making art, a sort of infiltration or oozing in. Not quite site-specific, but almost.

The exhibition involves drinking coffee and eating cake (un-iced); informal chats and unfinished conversations on display.

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Isobel Atacus, Pete Inkpen, Helen Stokes, Erich Breuer


Isobel Atacus