arebyte gallery

Unit 4, 49 White Post Lane Queens Yard London, London, E9 5EN

Virtual Choreography

event Thursday 6-9pm Friday & Saturday 12-6pm

Rosana AntolĂ­, Walkative, From Mile End to the City. Still from video Performance, 6'40'', London, 2015

Rosana Antolí is an artist working at the intersection of art, the every day and choreography. For Art Licks Weekend, Antolí opens the doors of her studio at Arebyte Gallery, showing and explaining her research in the gallery.

Antolí has been collecting the common gestures and behaviors of Hackney Wick locals, in order to later displace and decontextualise them. In addition, she has developed an installation that technologically tracks these movements inside the gallery space.

Vistors are welcome to leave a new movement to be added in this symphony of gestures, which is presented both as a virtual participatory platform and an exhibition.


Rosana AntolĂ­


Nimrod Vardi, Rebecca Edwards