Your Beautiful Collective @ A-side B-side Gallery

Hackney Downs Studios 5–9 Amhurst Terrace, London, E8 2BT



Sophie Rogers

Your Beautiful Collective have produced a merchandised shop within a gallery space, where artworks function as commodified objects, strategically displayed as if for sale, replicating displays of jewelry and clothing.

This gallery/shop mimics a nail salon or beauty parlour, with YB Collective performing their roles as nail technicians/shop girls.

Work It! explicitly explores the role of female labour for an artist and creative individual, thinking through the role of the ‘day job’. Because YB Collective was formed whilst working as invigilators in addition to their other creative projects, the dialogue around what is required of young emerging artists within this current climate became an active critical dialogue. Additionally, sharing literature on feminism and the beauty industry inspired the collective to produce this performance and exhibition project addressing their roles as female art labourers.


Ellie Barrett, Olivia Brazier, Sophie Rogers


Dani Bessner