1 Acorn Parade Meeting House Lane, London, SE15 2TZ

Working from Home


Chris Bedson

In ‘Working from Home’ Jo Dennis has invited artists to bring or construct a bed for themselves in the gallery with instructions to invite other artists to collaborate and share their beds. In this instance the bed is the artwork, the meeting place, the work place and the stage for performance and collaboration. Comfort, childhood, the domestic, rest, sleep, sex and frivolity are all at play.

Performances and events will be taking place throughout the weekend.

The exhibition is accompanied by a text by Nicholas Johnson.

AMP is an artist lead gallery which launched in 2016, directed by Jo Dennis and Dido Hallett.


Amanda Aspeborg, Dominique Beverton, Beatrice Lettice Boyle, Jo Dennis, Lucke Hart, Dido Hallett, Steve Hurtado, Nicholas Johnson, Gemma Lowe, Portia N’Frize, Neil Raitt, Joshua Sex, Nadya Smith, Lexi Strauss, Neil Tait, Charlie Godet Thomas, Sanja Todorovic, Sam Zealey, Tim Zercie


Jo Dennis