ASC Gallery

Chaplin Centre, Taplow House, Thurlow Street, London, SE17 2DG

‘You must answer in the form of a question!’

event Saturday 3-6pm

lisa selby

‘You must answer in the form of a question!’ is an afternoon of performances and hazardous dialogue involving a selection of the artists and curators around the ‘Say what?’ exhibition at ASC Gallery, London.

The event takes the shape of a shifting and informal sequence of incidents, exploring the premises of the exhibition and articulating a very unsettled and performative conversation among the artists involved. ‘Say What?’ brings together the participating artists in an attempt to scrutinise and question the elaborate relationship between materiality and language, as well as the narrative and syntactical potential of the ‘thing’.


Kit Craig, Rowena Harris, Russell Hill, Alex Lawler, James Prevett, Fay Nicholson, Emily Rosamund, Lisa Selby and Madalina Zaharia


Lisa Selby