Moving Image

Callum Hill, Solo Damas, 2016, 16mm transferred to HD, sound, 11m 40s. Courtesy of the artist


Katie Hare, Callum Hill, Ellie Power

CONSTRUCTS is an exhibition of work by three artists who graduated this year from across London’s undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses.

Katie Hare, Callum Hill and Ellie Power have diverse practices that engage with and utilise moving image in its many forms today. They work with HD video, CGI, gaming networks, installation, animation, found footage and 16mm film. Despite this diversity, the work of these three artists is connected through its sophistication, rigour and individuality. They interrogate the constructs of the media themselves and the latent power they hold whilst examining the informative and formative relationship these have to individual and collective cultural constructs.

CONSTRUCTS continues the partnership initiated in 2014 between Art Licks Weekend and LUX for the Moving Image programme of the festival. For the first time, this year’s programme will be presented at LUX as the inaugural exhibition at the organisation’s new home in Waterlow Park, Highgate.

Curated by Matt Carter.

LUX, Waterlow Park Centre, Dartmouth Park Hill, London N19 5JF

Preview: 29 September, 4-6.30pm

30 September-2 October, 12-6pm