Finding Solutions
28 September – 1 October 2017

The Art Licks Weekend is a festival that showcases the work of pioneering young artists, curators, galleries and project spaces in London.


Workweek Prize Winner

Congratulations to Turf Projects showing Saelia Aparicio Torinos in Peaks & Troughs, just announced as the winners of Artquest’s 2017 Workweek Prize. Read more.

Thank you!

A very big thank you to all the participants that took part in this year’s Art Licks Weekend, and to all who visited the festival. It was a fantastic edition of the festival that marked its fifth year, and explored the theme of Finding Solutions. We hope you enjoyed it!


Sunday event @ performanceClub, 4-8.30pm. Rounding off the 2017 festival, performanceClub presents a multi-faceted audio visual event showcasing work from +15 artists. Read more.

Business as Usual

Sunday event @ Castor, 12-6pm. Site-specific installation by Alan Magee, drawing from the commercialisation of domestic work and the nature of labour. Read more.


Sunday event @ KELDER, 3-5pm. A family day with artists from the exhibition leading activities based on goo, slime and gunge. Read more.

JPEG Crush

Sunday event @ The Nines, 2-4pm. Glitch workshop from DKUK with Kasper Ravel. Read more.

Hell-p Me

Sunday event @ Platform Southwark, 5-6.30pm. Poetry collective Little Grape Jelly open up the limits of digital communication within the interactive installation of Nexus Space. Read more.

Workshop with Cara Rainbow

Sunday event @ Morley Gallery, 12-3pm. Artist Cara Rainbow invites you to a drop-in workshop to collectively create a new city landscape. Read more.

Sunday Demonstrations

Sunday event @ Number 13, 12.30-3.30pm. Exhibition demonstrations and performances from Amanda Couch, Sarah Gillham & Mindy Lee. Read more.

Tube Performances

Saturday events @Victoria Line, from 9.30pm. Not one, but two collectives will take on underground train carriages this evening as the location for their performance events. Find both Word In Transit and dissolutions on the Vicotria Line!

Review: Philip Ewe

Thank you to Doggerland for a great review of Philip Ewe’s performance, ‘don’t shoot the messenger’ at Bede House on Thursday evening. You can still see Philip’s exhibition at the space today & tomorrow.

Today: BYOB

Saturday event @ SPACE, 6-10pm. LUX presents an installation of moving image, its second Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) event with SPACE. Read more.


Saturday event @ Diaspore, 2-6pm. Diaspore are starting a bank. It’s called FavourBank and instead of lending money, it lends help. Read more.

‘Group Show’ – Conclusion

Saturday event @ Light Eye Mind, 7.30-10.30pm. A conculsion to 12ø’s podcast series ‘Group Show’; an evening of talking and music with Caitlin Merrett King, Molejoy, Abigails Tails. Read more.

Feelings About Our Libraries

Saturday event @ New Cross Library, 1-1.30pm. Screening of this film that explores feelings about our libraries; voluntary run and those lost & threatened with closure. Read more.

Assembly Point

Saturday event @ Assembly Point, 12-6pm. AP artists open their studios today to the public, including the project bodyfacespace with Emily Hawes, Natalia Janula & Sophia Simensky.

Cara Rainbow: Artist’s talk

Saturday event @ Morley Gallery, 2-3pm. Cara Rainbow gives a tour of City Storeys and Folk Tails in which she will discuss the construction of the worlds & characters within the exhibition. Read more.


Saturday event @Banner Repeater, 2-3pm. Tune in for the Live Broadcast Chat Show with Zarina Muhammad today and tomorrow. Read more.


Saturday event @KELDER, 3-6pm. Discussion and screening of artists’ shorts and excerpts from creature features. Read more.

Pragmatic Approaches to Art Making

Saturday event @The Bomb Art Factory, 6-8pm. Curator, Hannah Thorne leads a Q&A with the artists from Female Trouble on Pragmatic Approaches to Art Making. Read more.


Friday event @ HOUSERULES, 3-6pm. An experimental piece of theatre evolving over three days through chance methods and improvisation. Read more.


Friday event @ Studio Gibson/Martelli, 6-9pm. Artists, coders & technologists have hacked experimental art game prototypes; this is your chance to meet at quizz them. Read more.

Houellebecq Girl

Friday event @ Unit 28b, Penarth Centre, 7.30-9pm. Screening of experimental romance film, ‘Houellebecq Girl’ by J Dunleavy & L Dodgson. Read more.

Suddenly They Stop

Friday event at Kingsgat PS, 6-9pm. A new performance work by Hannah Lees that uses the Ancient Greek water clock method for measuring time. Read more.


Friday event @ KELDER, 7-9pm. An evening of aural and material performances featuring Col Self & Body Drift, Sweet Heave, Melanie Börner & more. Read more.

Friday in Deptford

If you are visiting Deptford today for festival projects, stick around into the evening for performances at Enclave and news of the world and Janusware 2nd Cycle at Res. All kicking off from 7pm.


Friday event @ Rollins St, 6-11pm. An extravaganza of art, performance, and discussion from CAMPerVAN: a queer nomadic performance space which can be deployed anywhere. Read more.

a-n article

Thank you a-n for a great feature on the Art Licks Weekend, including your top 10 highlights. Read here.


We partnered with ArtRabbit to feature the entire Art Licks Weekend programme in the ArtRabbit app. Get the free ArtRabbit app to bookmark your faves, get directions and track what you’ve already seen. Read more.

Skelf: Art Feast – now online!

The festival’s online project, Skelf: Art Feast extends the reach of the Art Licks Weekend beyond the edges of the map and encourages you to take the work home with you. Twelve artists have made work for you to download – you have until the end of the festival on Sunday to do so. Read more.

Francesca Gavin’s Top Picks

Francesca Gavin has selected her top picks of the Art Licks Weekend: incl tacos, billboards, police cells, glitch, favours and free lunch”… Read here.

Festival Countdown

Not long to wait before the Art Licks Weekend opens on Thursday evening (6-9pm), and then running from Friday to Sunday. Use our map to plan your daily route round the 65 spaces taking part.

Participatory Festival Events

Looking for something participatory? From hands-on making to talks, discussions or just hanging out, here’s a few recommendations for ways you can get involved in this years programme. Read more.

Festival Tours

Explore the festival on a guided walking tour. The artist-led tours are taking place from Friday to Sunday in Deptford, Hackney and Peckham; or for the really keen, Your Beautiful Collective will explore east and north London on the Saturday afternoon. Read more.


The Art Licks Weekend 2017 posters are back from the printers: look out for them around town!

Artquest Workweek Prize 2017

Back for for the fifth year of the festival, Artquest has shortlisted 5 galleries and project spaces taking part in the Art Licks Weekend to be considered for the Workweek Prize. Read more.

Open Call: Bring Your Own Beamer

LUX have an open call for their Art Licks Weekend event, Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) which will be held in partnership with SPACE on Saturday 30 Sept. Read more.

Skelf Artists Announced

The artists taking part in the Art Licks Weekend online project, Skelf: Art Feast have just been announced! Read more.

Skelf: Art Feast

We are running a new online project for the Art Licks Weekend with artist-led Skelf. The project is called Skelf: Art Feast and is open for submissions, until 27 August. Read more / apply here.

Adapting to Survive

Art Licks was featured in a recent Art Newspaper article by Anny Shaw: ‘In the wake of a wave of closures, galleries are adapting to survive’. Very pertinent considering this year’s Art Licks Weekend theme of Finding Solutions. Read the article.

2017 Applications

Thank you to everyone who applied to this year’s Art Licks Weekend! The full programme will be announced on the festival website at the end of August. Watch this space.

ALW 2017

The dates for this year’s Art Licks weekend have been confirmed! The festival will open on the evening of Thursday 28 September and then run daily from Friday 29 September to Sunday 1 October 2017.