Acme Fire Station

30 Gillender Street, London, E14 6RH

Acme Fire Station Artist Open Studios

Event Thursday 6-9pm, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 12-6pm

Architectural plan of the Fire Station courtesy of Acme Studios, (Fire Station centenary design © 2009)

Acme Fire Station is a work-live project for artists, where the theme of ‘finding solutions’ has been implicit to all artist-inhabitants over its 20-year history. Within London it is unique, offering artists a mid-term solution to give more time to their own work, while steep development, rent increases and gentrification of the East End has forced many artists out of the capital. The group from Programme 5 (2015-2020), join Art Licks Weekend to open the private Fire Station site, and a selection of studios; situating the artist’s individual and collaborative practices side by side, while highlighting the scope and rarity of a 5-year residency.

Of 12 work-live units, half will open to the public presenting artist-curated self-initiated group exhibitions in 4 strands: ‘Commission and Commune’, ‘Love/Work’, ‘I like to fondle’ and multi-performance event ‘D!N DINS’. Artists at the Fire Station are regularly presenting work across a wide range of platforms in the UK and internationally.


Holly Antrum, Leah Capaldi, Lucy Clout, Samantha Donnelly, Alex Frost, Seth Guy, Richard Healy, Rizwan Mirza, Michelle Ussher, Neil Walsh, Lucy Woodhouse, Laura Yuile


Curated and organised by Acme Fire Station Programme 5 residency artists