Assembly Point

49 Staffordshire Street, London, SE15 5TJ

Assembly Point Open Studios

event Saturday 12-6pm

Assembly Point

Assembly Point is a contemporary arts space encompassing a gallery and studios in Peckham, South London. Established and run by collaborative artists James Edgar and Sam Walker, Assembly Point provides a platform for creative practitioners to develop and present their work to the wider public, with a particular emphasis on supporting emerging artists. Since Launching in June 2015 Assembly Point has established a community of creative practice through the on-site studios and a programme of projects including exhibitions, publishing, performances, workshops and events. For Art Licks Weekend 2017 Assembly Point Studio holders open their spaces to the public, and Work-Form studio host a special Editions Cocktail Bar.


Amy Corcoran, Heresy, George Morris, Ruaidhri Ryan, Rory Biddulph, Sara Strandby, Natalia Janula, Anja Olofgors, Lea Collet, Katja Larsson, Paola Musicò, Rosalind Wilson, Jon Kipps, Fran Meana, Work-Form, Luke Halls, Robbie Fife, Rutie Borthwick