Enclave 8, 50 Resolution Way, London, SE8 4AL

Business as Usual

event Sunday 12-6pm

Alan Magee

This current body of research builds upon Magee’s ongoing themes addressing issues that arise from the politics of power, labour and control. Using Hannah Arendt’s, The Human Condition as a point of reference, Magee considers what happens when faced with no access to ‘work’ or ‘action’; just ‘labour’. Magee thusly views the home as a final bastion of control, he explores the nature and potential of the domestic objects and our ability to affect them. In a political sense, he views altering the preordained use of things as an act of self-empowerment. His playful, often absurdist compositions juxtapose bodies and objects, high art and everyday life. The artist’s renderings of domestic objects take on powerful symbolism as the markers of the human condition.


Alan Magee