performanceClub @ Livesey Exchange

Ledbury Estate, Old Kent Road (entrance off Bird in Bush Road), London, SE15 1QP


event Sunday 4-8.30pm

In their biggest production to date, performanceClub presents an exciting array of live art at Pempeople’s Livesey Exchange project. Spanning over four hours, the Mistress of Ceremonies Kevin Le Grand will host as the proceedings unfold. #makehomebrewfemme serves home-brewed drinks whilst Kieran Carter provides culinary delights. … your table is waiting.

performanceClub formed in September 2016 and has worked with over 40 artists. performanceClub is a nomadic cabaret club, navigating its way through an increasingly narrow selection of arts spaces and venues. performanceClub provides an inclusive space, a platform and an audience, encouraging a dialogue around the shared spectacle of spoken word, drag, fine art performance, experimental sound, comedy and live art.


Antonis Sideras, Electra Lyhne-Gold, Emily Pope, Gentle Stranger, Jeffrey Hinton, Kate Mahony, Katy Jalili, Kieran Carter, Lily German, Marius Hermansen, #makehomebrewfemme, Nick Harris, Poppy Moroney, William Joys


Nick Harris, Marius Hermansen