Bede House

12 Bede House, Clare Road, London, SE14 6PW

Capital ‘I’

exhibition Thursday 6-9pm, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 12-6pm

Philip Ewe, Boomerang (2015), Installation, Kairos Time, TENT, Rotterdam (2015). Image: Ghislain Amar

Anchored in the dynamics of performance, Capital I presents a selection of new work by Philip Ewe staged in and around the Bede House Estate. Ewe (b.1983, lives and works in London) is a multi-disciplinary artist working with performance, video and sculpture. Ewe is primarily concerned with social behaviour, public space and the channelling of subjectivity through processes that favour the experiential and unpredictable. Interests in property development, audience relationships and the politics of space find varied forms across live performances, collage and high tempo videos. The programme is a montage of mixed messages and hijacked narratives that explores the nature of rhetoric as a changeable, unreliable and malleable material and working with performance in dynamic, and at times absurd degrees.

Bede House is an occasional exhibition space in an ex-council flat on Bede House Estate in New Cross.


Philip Ewe