Morley Gallery

61 Westminster Road, London, SE1 7HT

City Storeys and Folk Tails

exhibition Thursday 6-9pm, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 12-6pm

Cara Rainbow

Artist Cara Rainbow invites you to enter a landscape where trees walk and buildings talk, a dialogic space where the city and nature have come to a head. The unruly city, ever expanding, displacing people and their stories is bought to a halt and we are left to contemplate what happens next. An array of ceramic installations, film and a cave of memories take visitors on a journey across the landscapes of London, where the artist lives, rural Wales, where she grew up, and her Nan’s house to examine how histories and futures can co-exist to create places of belonging and refuge.

Cara Rainbow is the recipient of the 2016/17 Zsuzsi Roboz Art Trust and Morley College Bursary. Morley Gallery is part of Morley College London.


Cara Rainbow


Stephen Wright