Acme Fire Station

30 Gillender Street, London, E14 6RH

Commission and Commune

exhibition Thursday 6-9pm, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 12-6pm

Still from 'Firestation' by William Raban, 16mm/DV (2000), commissioned by Acme Studios

The Acme Fire Station resident artists share a laundry, a Whatsapp chat, and some overlapping histories; this is not a commune. They share a pre-determined tenancy, half used-up, perched on the southbound Bow stretch of the A12. They share a kind of artist’s citadel. Whoever works at this narrow locale, knows the flow of cars and peak hours at the front of the building, and the tidal Lea rising and falling behind. The surrounding skyline ascends with residential sales and lettings. They commune (verb) in this place, with their work, and what comes and goes.

For Commission and Commune current artist residents Leah Capaldi, Lucy Clout, Samantha Donnelly, Lucy Woodhouse and Holly Antrum, show works made at the Fire Station in both shared areas, and select private work-live units.

Initiating and curating the project, Holly Antrum has extended the invitation to a small number of ex-residents as well as visiting artist’s commissioned works (William Raban, Frances Scott) to further evoke and disband ideas of self-led artist living.


Briony Anderson, Holly Antrum, Leah Capaldi, Lucy Clout, Samantha Donnelly, Sara MacKillop, William Raban, Frances Scott, Lucy Woodhouse


Holly Antrum