126 Blurton Road, London, E5 0NH

Constellations: Artist Talk

event Saturday 5-6pm

Claudia Sinigaglia, Untitled, 2017

For her first solo exhibition at numer02, Claudia Sinigaglia presents a wall of new works that continues her exploration of different regimes of images production. Sinigaglia meditates on the individual and collective behaviour in relation to spaces: architecture in a contemporary scenario. The immaterial effects of our interaction between spaces and bodies in a vertiginous show of images refers to the exhibition’s title Constellations, where bodies appear to be part of a single system but in reality they can be situated million light years one from each others.

For the event, Claudia Sinigaglia will talk about her practice, recent projects and the collaboration with the gallery.


Claudia Sinigaglia


Jean Naej