the icing room

493 Forest Road, London, E17 5LD


Event Saturday 10pm - Sunday 10am

Isobel Atacus

A sister event to the Solution 66 exhibition that plays with changes of state: a cross-city collaboration between the icing room in Walthamstow and Muddy Yard in Brixton. Solution 66: dissolutions investigates dispersal, how stuff is sent out into the world in different ways, held in or disguised by something else. Salt disappears into water but is still tasted on the tongue, sugar can be suspended… This event takes the idea of dissolving beyond the confines of the icing room premises into other parts of the city. Join the icing room on an overnight takeover of the tube, riding the Victoria Line from Walthamstow to Brixton and back: with happenings, interventions and playful interruptions of the everyday (and night). Expect palm reading, boom box playing, ice cream, poetry, face painting, raincoats, salty snacks…

Starting at Walthamstow tube station and then running the Victoria Line from Walthamstow to Brixton from Saturday 10am – Sunday 10pm.


Isobel Atacus, Flora Bradwell, Laura Copsey, Denise Hickey, Muddy Yard collective


the icing room and Muddy Yard