Acme Fire Station

30 Gillender Street, London, E14 6RH


event Saturday & Sunday 12-6pm


With sonorous performances from contributors to his on-going dinner party event D!N DINS, Seth Guy will transform his studio into an aural and visual performance installation and happening over ARTLICKS Weekend. Encouraging collaboration, experiment and play in an informal setting in his studio at Acme’s Fire Station, Guy’s unique D!N DINS events invites one to reconsider the relationship between ear and eye. Opening his doors to the public for the very first time in all-day variation of D!N DINS, visitors will be witness to a variety of performances scheduled throughout the weekend and will have the opportunity to see, hear, and share in the fun! Featuring new and rarely-performed works, many of which exclusive to D!N DINS.


Alia Pathan, Ana C?avic?, Dace Kruger & Yoshika Kobayashi, David John Beesley, Eve Marguerite, Ge?raldine Gallavardin & Mark Brown, Oliver Palmer, Roddy Skeaping, Sarah Duffy, Selina Bonelli, Seth Guy, Victoria Karlsson


Seth Guy