66 Regents Studios 8 Andrews Road London, London, E8 4QN

Dust Days

event Saturday 6-9pm

Phill Wilson-perkin

This project is partly inspired by American artist Jimmie Durham’s Stone Museum; a collection of stones that are presented as a critique of cultural regimes. Swapping stones for sound and film this event will present recordings by Adam Laschinger. Taken at the base of a rumbling Mount Etna. Sounds of growling engine rooms buried deep in the London Underground, recorded by John Hughes. Artist Matt Calderwood’s film with its sound track made up of overheard scraps of London street noise. Singer and artist Samantha Taylor responds to field recordings taken by the London Sound Survey. Anne Robinson’s film uses photography and film techniques in an attemp to solidify song into a permanent monument.


Matt Calderwood, John Hughes, Adam Laschinger, The London Sound Survey, Anne Robinson, Samantha Taylor


Phill Wilson-Perkin