Brainchild @ Platform Southwark

1 Joan Street, London, SE1 8DD

Hell-p Me

event Sunday 5-6.30pm

Little Grape Jelly

Little Grape Jelly is a poetry collective formed of Lily Ashley, Grace Pilkington and James Massiah. After meeting the Nexus Space artists at Brainchild Festival this summer, they’ve wanted to combine forces and bring their poetry project ‘Hell-p Me’ into the space. Just as Nexus Space is the melding of three distinct artistic practices across digital and sculpture, ‘Hell-p Me’ is the coming together of three distinct voices to explore the ups and downs of communicating online. They openly expose their email and social media interaction over the past nine months, in free verse and other poetry forms, mirroring the fluid yet fragmented communication of the installation. Each performance offers something new as the conversation continues between shows, detailing the dips and highs of life and love in the digital age. Immediate, honest and fleeting, this will be an audiovisual and immersive representation of what happens when three different worlds collide on one page.


Lily Ashley, James Massiah, Grace Pilkington


Lily Bonesso, Marina Blake