Unit 28b, Penarth Centre

Penarth Street, London, SE15 1TR

Houellebecq Girl

event Friday 7.30-9pm

Houellebecq Girl was filmed in 2017, but is set in the Spring of 2016; before the triumph of trollocracy and the harambisation of the EU. A time when an English man could fall in love with a French woman, and a French woman could not fall in love with an English man, she without thinking he must be a fascist and he without suspecting she was about to become one. The unnamed and unseen hero of Houellebecq Girl is a terminal Francophile, though he doesn’t speak French. He is obsessed with all things France: history, music, cinema, landscapes, accents and above all romance. He longs for Clara; French, beguiling and utterly uninterested. Largely filmed on location and in iPhone 4, making wide use of amateur actors and robots, Houellebecq Girl is a tender exploration of infatuation and the byways of the human heart. A paean to all that is designated French, Houellebecq Girl is an instant classic destined to be the film of the summer every summer.


Jack Dunleavy & Lawrence Dodgson (Houellebecq Girl)


Jack Dunleavy