Number 13

13 Cambrian Close York Hill, London, SE27 0BS


exhibition Thursday 6-9pm, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 12-6pm

Paul Hazelton

Reproductive labour (work performed within the domestic sphere to sustain a household; cleaning, cooking, childcare, raising the next generation, and looking after the elderly) is the starting point for this exhibition. Housework is time consuming, uncompensated and not generally recognised as work. Repetitive and endless it can be viewed as an obstacle to creativity. Politically speaking it can be seen in a similar way to artistic work: neither is economically valued and both remain outside the social framework of value-labour. For this exhibition artists were asked to respond to the theme of Housework/Artwork. The everyday material reality of reproductive labour will be presented and exhibited as art. Throughout the weekend there will be demonstrations, performances, and hands on workshops. Curated by artists Sarah Gillham, Mindy Lee, and Catherine Morland, the aim is to create a space for art and social engagement within the domestic sphere of a South East London home.


Carl Gent, Sarah Gillham, Anders Gramer, Sigrid Holmwood, Fritha Jenkins, Mindy Lee, Catherine Morland, Paul Vivian, Paul Hazelton, Tom Walker, Amanda Couch


Sarah Gillham, Mindy Lee, Catherine Morland