26A Chapel Market, London, N1 9EN


exhibition Thursday 6-9pm, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 12-6pm

Laura Dee Milnes, I Want My Ideal Paste, 2017

With a recent explosion of slime videos online, it seems that squishy, gooey, unbridled fun with simple homemade pastes and sci-fi fantasies of alien goo could well be a reaction to the menacing threat of borders, edges, boundaries and control. A mass that is entirely surface yet has no set form, taking the shape of whatever it encounters, becomes a physical metaphor, a material embodiment of the anxiety and desire of the unfixed, the creeping, the malleable yet uncontrollable stuff of our world. Exploring the theme of ‘sticking your fingers in’ (the primal, instinctive compulsion one often has to touch the viscous, liquid and glossy) a range of artists working with sculpture, video, performance, text, image and sound respond with an exhibition, discussion, performances, workshop and screenings. With rare opportunities for participation AND repulsion, we invite you to get stuck into the uncontainable, playful, radical, genderless, pre and post-species swell of irresistible goo.


Darren Banks, Lydia Boehm, Melanie Börner, Steven Dickie, Benedict Drew, Goo Notorious (Gerard Carson & Andrew Rickett), India Harvey, Rebecca Jagoe, Charlotte Quartermaine, Col Self & Body Drift, Eoin Shea, Tim Spooner, Dane Sutherland, Sweet Heave (Laura Dee Milnes & Phil Swan), Chloe Windsor


Laura Dee Milnes, KELDER (Adrienne Groen & Rudi Christian Ferreira)