Brainchild @ Platform Southwark

1 Joan Street, London, SE1 8DD

Inside technology with Flow Conceptions

event Saturday 2-3.30pm

Ed Haslam.

Flow Conceptions are a duo who work at the intersection between music technology, video production and large scale design to create interactive artworks with a human feel. Their newest collaboration (with artists Emily Motto and Ed Haslam) installation Nexus Space creates a network of interactive moments using sound and light, which communicate with one another, allowing viewers to work together to explore the collaborative installation. For this workshop, Jack Dale and Henry Howe, will discuss and demonstrate the workings behind the software design of Nexus Space, delving specifically into the reactive generative music and the pixel mapping process. Suitable for those with a basic understanding of technology.


Henry Howe, Jack Dale


Lily Bonesso, Loulou Janes