Enclave 1-3, 50 Resolution Way, London, SE8 4NT

Janusware 2nd Cycle

event Friday 7pm

Uma Breakdown, The Formless Wastes 1, 2017

‘sybrntckmystx hack the sacred technologies of their progenitors, fantasizing within the recursive systems they have constructed. Sc-fi pagan rituals graft the cybernetic to magickal, lithic to virtual and in this mangle the ancient diagrammatic technologies are rewritten to execute newly patched operations in altered states of collective mystk consciousness.’

A mutable assemblage of works and workings, Janusware experiments with the contamination and redeployment of occult and affective diagrammatic systems. It forms part of Lucy A Sames’ PhD research Cybernetic Mystics (sybrntckmystx) examining the intersection of cybernetics and altered states through the technology of mystical diagramming. Janusware consists of a 1st and 2nd Cycle. For the Art Licks Weekend, Janusware 2nd Cycle presents performances by Dean Kenning, Rachel McRae and Nicola Woodham and overlays each of these on the remnants of the 1st Cycle held on Sep 21st by Uma Breakdown, to form a disorderly palimpsest in the gallery.


Uma Breakdown, Dean Kenning, Rachel McRae, Nicola Woodham


Lucy A Sames