by the River Lee under the East Cross Route highway, London, E9 5JD


event Friday to Sunday 3-6pm

Nadia Berri

Käfig is a work in progress conceived by Nadia Berri and Ben Faga in 2015. They have since been experimenting and researching in collaboration with different groups on how one might start a play from the ‘wrong’ end / in the ‘here and now’ / ’on the spot’, without a pre-existing plot or story. For the Art Licks Weekend, the artists will bring these two years of research together to see how, where and for whom Käfig can exist.


Nadia Berri, Ben Faga, Victoria Burgher, Titus Davies, Yiman Lin, Jeremy Lee, Luis Ignacio Rodriguez, James Blake, Semeli Economou, Natalie Keymist, Melika Hashemi, Jayne Lloyd, Ailsa Sinclair, Haraldur Agustsson, Rebecca Glover


Nadia Berri