The Nipple Dome

Basement Flat, 72 Haverstock Hill, London, NW3 2BE

Lunch at the Nipple Dome

Event Sunday 12-8pm

Florence Devereux and Tais Bean

Lunch at the Nipple Dome is a Sunday lunch open to the public. Fred Hubble, Tais Bean and Florence Devereux invite you for a delicious meal cooked by Fred, as an act of radical hospitality and to create a space for open discussion. A panel of cultural actors will be eating together, exploring some of the issues of working within the ecosystem of the art world in London today. Join us! The lunch will be hosted amongst art works made Tais and Florence, investigating wider natural networks and cycles.


Tais Bean, Florence Devereux, Fred Hubble


Tais Bean, Florence Devereux