Meeting on the beach of the River Thames in front of The Mayflower Pub, London, SE16 4NF

making + re-imagining on the Thames Beach

event Saturday 1.30-5pm

Naima Karlsson

Responding to the Art Licks Weekend theme of Finding Solutions, AltMFA gather and work together on the beach of the River Thames (during a short low-tide afternoon period) to explore how the group can create and interact with each other in this unpredictable natural environment. The artists will spend several hours finding ways to make artworks, food, shelter, and performances in a collaborative and improvised environment where group members, visitors and other artists can work together.

Expect actions, site-specific works, outdoor cooking and live performances from current AltMFA members on the beach of the River Thames. With limited time and space on the riverside beach, depending on the tides and weather, the artists will work with materials both found on the beach and brought by artists, to explore the idea of Finding Solutions in a workshop-style gathering.

AltMFA is a self-directed and ever evolving group, run by artists for artists. Functioning as a free alternative to a costly university MA since 2010.


Shinji Toya, Maru Rojas, Louise Ashcroft, Asher Herr, Fritha Jenkins, Alex Chalmers, Eldi Dundee, Nathania Hartley, Sadie Edginton, Amy Leung, Rebecca Olajide, Gillian Duffy, Johanna Bolton, Marion Tu, Meg Jenkins, Naima Karlsson, Eirini Kartsaki, Debora Mo, Eva Lis, Anousha Payne, and other members of AltMFA