33 Ayrsome Road, London, N16 0RH

Moon, When the Calves Grow Hair

exhibition Thursday 6-9pm, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 12-6pm

Emily Motto

The Art Licks Weekend falls at a time of year traditionally known as Hærfest. A seasonal festivity, welcoming in the autumn through the celebration of the growth cycle that is tied to the moon. Moon When the Calves Grow Hair draws inspiration from the main themes of what Harvest stands for: work, community, food and folklore. During this celebration, one of the most significant events leading up to Harvest Moon is the decoration of the home. Four emerging artists have been invited to exhibit work in Bunkhouse; a new artist led initiative run out of a residential home. The work will touch on the natural and fantastical elements of Harvest in relation to today, taking into consideration the processes, work and materials that are involved. The gathering of Harvest marks the end of the growing season; the result of a long year of work and strife. Like the reaping of crops, Moon When the Calves Grow Hair will celebrate the fruits of the artists labour and time.


Olwyn Carroll, Sam Carvosso, Emily Motto, George Yarker


Sophie Rogers, Olivia Brazier