Number 13

13 Cambrian Close York Hill, London, SE27 0BS


event Thursday 6-9pm

Amanda Couch

Sigrid Holmwood performance, 6-9pm:

The artist takes on her peasant painter persona to breast feed and generally look after her one month year old baby Frida.

Amanda Couch performance, 6-9pm:

Acts of Evocation: Re-Writing Skin and Hair, 2017

The artist will be bathing with an old parchment indenture, a legal document where land or property is bound to bodies, washing away its past. Then sewing lengths of her hair into the surface, she will re-inscribe the tissue with new texts, conjuring the special powers of hair to summon the cutis, or living skin, from the pellis, the dead, flayed hide.


Amanda Couch, Sigrid Holmwood


Amanda Couch, Sigrid Holmwood