The Bomb Factory Art Foundation

The Bomb Factory Art Foundation Boothby Road, London, N19 4AJ

Pragmatic Approaches to Art Making

event Saturday 6-8pm

Lucia Quevedo, Painkiller, 2015, custom hand-tufted wool, sponsored & made by Rug Couture

Each of the artists selected for Female Trouble has her own pragmatic approach to working with non traditional exhibition spaces. Responding to a space’s idiosyncrasies becomes in itself a step of the art-making process and the recreation of immersive and imagined landscape culminates in dramatic and theatrical installations. Each artist also incorporates the use of found, affordable or industrial materials to stage their interventions. Poor quality materials from pound shops and markets are employed, transforming materials that parade as glitz and glamour, questioning our presupposed value of an object. These materials represent a value system endemic and popular, affordable kitsch, a contemporary decadence, as well as an inequality in the consuming population.


Pallas Citroen, Lucia Quevedo, Sarah Roberts


Hannah Thorne