Shelf @ Hackney Downs Overground Station

Dalston Lane, London, E8 1LA

Shelf Show: Calvin & A Solution

event Saturday 3pm

Calvin Z Laing, Press Shot by Christopher Fernandez 2017

Shelf Show is an initiative that commissions work for a W150mm x L150mm x H12mm ply-wood, L-shaped, basic, nondescript shelf. It began in April 2017 within the domestic confinement of Calvin Laing’s living room. With a nod to London’s increasing challenge of space, exclusivity of elitism and lack of free time to experiment or create, Shelf Show addresses what art can be away from perceived necessities but with the desire to make it happen.

This is the second edition of Shelf Show: Calvin & A Solution, in Hackney Downs. With a 3pm start time, the group will walk to a ready-made performance space where this event will take place. This event will continue Shelf Show‘s endless even Sisyphean approach of using daily, perhaps excitingly banal, experiences in order to dig into socio-politics, mediated through the act of performance.

The group will meet outside Hackney Downs Overground Station.

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Calvin Z Laing


Polly Wright