the icing room

493 Forest Road, London, E17 5LD

Solution 66

exhibition Thursday 6-9pm, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 12-6pm

Isobel Atacus

the icing room is an informal art space born from an autocorrect error. Solution 66 explores how things are hidden and revealed, particularly through playful interruptions of the everyday. We suggest a solution that is equalising – dissolving barriers between art and the everyday, both in process and display. The number 66 corresponds to dysprosium on the periodic table, a rare, fragile, silvery-white element. In numerology 66 is the master number of creativity, and is connected with things domestic, the close at hand. This duality reflects how, as artists, we often resort to making work at home. the icing room invite four visual artists working across painting, sculpture and installation to respond to the theme. The resulting work will come to inhabit the domestic space. With a preview event featuring poetry, performance and water-based cocktails, Solution 66 considers how we might hold this change of state, if only for an instant, before it gets dissolved.


Anja Borrowiscz, Chihiro Gompei, Lucy Smallbone, Emily Stapleton Jefferis


Isobel Atacus, Flora Bradwell, Laura Copsey, Denise Hickey