Vulpes Vulpes

17-21 Blue Anchor Lane London, London, SE16 3UL

Some Kind of Language

exhibition Thursday 6-9pm, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 12-6pm

Vulpes Vulpes

Counter-culture movements find ways to spread ideas through music, and dance. Gatherings where people can experience deep affecting sound and speech create an environment of contemplation and emotional power. The pink banner relates to Soundsystem culture which originated in 1950s Jamaica, and became politicised as a way for Jamaicans to reference and share their histories, strengthening communities with feelings communicated through loud music. The turquoise banner includes a screen-printed representation of an arecibo message created by Frank Drake and Carl Sagan to be broadcast into space in 1974. The message contained information about the human species, such as DNA and common particles on earth. We overlaid this coded universal banner with stencilled shorthand from modern casual communication; a reflection on changing technology and the way we receive and interpret knowledge. The production of this work was funded by The Edge Art Centre as part of the project Know-How.


Anna Chrystal Stephens, Carla Wright, Hadiru Mahdi, Laurie Storey