The Nipple Dome

Basement Flat, 72 Haverstock Hill, London, NW3 2BE

Sunday Lunch

event Sunday 12-4pm

Tais Bean

The theme of the discussion will be, ‘An Ecology of Art Spaces in London’. The event will ask questions such as, what is the current support system between the spaces? How do they directly or indirectly collaborate? How do they balance artistic excellence and a dedicated socially engaged programme? What are some of the social issues that need to be attended to? How are artists and spaces experimentally responding to this? The lunch will be cooked by artist Fred Hubble whose practice involves performative cooking for different communities in Birmingham. There will be a live stream of the conversation, and a small publication will be available after the event.


Tais Bean, Florence Devereux, Fred Hubble


Tais Bean, Florence Devereux