CAMPerVAN @ 61 Rollins Street

61 Rollins Street (the square opposite Jupiter Woods), London, SE15 1EP


Event Friday 6-11pm

Samuel Douek

CAMPerVAN presents: THE SCI-FI POWERVERSE, an extravaganza of art, performance, and discussion. Drawing upon Ursula le Guin’s Left hand of Darkness, CAMPerVAN will transform into a space ship and become its own mobile institution that both uses and disrupts the conventions found in public spaces, be it the art museum, town hall or nightclub, to explore questions of identity and the geo-political landscape and desire. CAMPerVAN will travel into the world of science fiction taking us into other solar systems to discover other ways being. Looking to alien forms that question gendered identities, taking drag into another dimension. THE SCI-FI POWERVERSE will investigate how our sexual desires give power to the construction of other communities and other universes, or powerverses. Powerverese, a slang term referring to the flexibility of ones sexuality as both a power top and a power bottom, and an interest in living a versatile lifestyle that traverses gender and sexual orientation.


Vasiliki Antonopoulou, Eloise Fornieles, Joni Zhu, Matilde Cerruti Quara, Zoë Marden, Lindsey Mendick, Emmanuel Balogun, Rafaela de Ascanio, Leo Luchini, Enyie


Zoe Marden, Fiontan Moran, Samuel Doeuk