Troy Town Pottery

Hoxton Trust Community Garden, 156 Hoxton Street, London, N1 6SH

Town Gas Hosts

exhibition Thursday 6-9pm, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 12-6pm

Alice White

Town Gas Hosts is a celebration of the developing art practices of the emerging artists involved in Town Gas. It is the first public exhibition of their individual artworks, all with differing focuses. From alienoids and animals to poetry, jugs, masks and cakes. Selected works from the community programme of taster workshops will also be shown including: The Virtual School for Looked After Children, Artbox, Huddleston Centre, Rabbits Road Institute, Refugee Conversation Club and Pause. Town Gas meet and make work every Saturday. Thanks to Troy Town Pottery and Create London, they have been able to share resources and studio space in order to build up their own body of work.


Toyin Olubamiwo, Emily Mccarran, Cynthia Waithaka, Christina Marshall, Diana Tso, Ayo Akingbade, Nariscia Henriques


Town Gas, Alice White