at the QE Olympic Park, London, E20 2ST

Two Places at Once

exhibition Thursday 6-9pm, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 12-6pm

Two Places at Once is an exhibition combining a physical site and a virtual site. Works are hosted online and can be access via phone or tablet but to be viewed / listened to / carried out in specific locations which must be found using an exhibition map. To receive the link to the online exhibition map please sign up via the Eventbrite link here.

The project proposal follows on from POST’s recent discussions around the relevance of site specific art practices today within a public living increasingly in virtual spaces and with increasing levels of geographic mobility. POST are interested in exploring how our relationship with site may be changing with lifestyles of increasing movement through physical and virtual spaces. With this exhibition POST will experiment with connecting the two types of space.


Camilla Brueton, Marco Cali, Jessica Mautner, Natalie Sanders, Helena Wee, Mary Yacoob