Word in Transit

meeting at the entrance of Finsbury Park tube station, London, N4 2DH


Event Saturday 9.30pm-10pm

Campbell mcconnell

WORD IN TRANSIT 2 is an underground performance and spoken word event that will be held on the last carriage of a tube train on the Victoria line. The event will consist of a series of performances, each fitting the length of a tube stop, starting from Finsbury Park all the way to Brixton. Both literally and thematically, the performances will address their audience; the tube passenger. Commenting on the toil of the everyday commute, the intimacy of a shared carriage and breaking free from constraints. Performances range from Eurodance fake DJS, to night tube takeouts, flash mob dancing and flag waving sea shanties.


EUROBITCH and krystal__myth, Sophie Popper, Anais Comer, Ella Fleetwood, Sid and Jim, Tuli Litvak, Bella Lordwarf, Katie Handley, Elliot Heygill, T.S Idiot, André Thomas, Georgina Rowlands


Campbell Mcconnell