Number 13

13 Cambrian Close York Hill, London, SE27 0BS

Workshop & Performances

event Friday 12.30-3.30pm

Fritha Jenkins

Tom Walker ‘Undrawing’ Workshop from 12.30-1.30. Working directly over found imagery we will change what we see by ‘undrawing’ and liquefying the image with household products. The results combine reality and fiction to create an in-between space bridging the gap between what we se and what we feel. 

Carl Gent: Performance at 1.30pm. As part of their ongoing reclamation of the biography of Cynethryth (8th century Queen of the Mercians) and Kate Marsden (19th century explorer and missionary) Gent will present Morass, a sculptural and performative investigation into the material contracts the duo entered into via their voluntary and devotional work.

Fritha Jenkins: Performance ‘Sparkling drools – open plan floor-washing ups.’ from 2.30pm. For this performance, Fritha will continue her ongoing exploration of water, cleaning and waste in a quiet journey across kitchen – diner – lounge.


Tom Walker, Carl Gent, Fritha Jenkins


Tom Walker, Carl Gent, Fritha Jenkins