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A Visit by Officials from The Bureau for the Validation of Art

Sarah Dixon/Sharon Bennett


Various locations

Peckham Rye, Rye Lane, London, UK


Thursday 4 October – Sunday 7 October

Officials from the Bureau for the Validation of Art will offer artists and venues participating in the Art Licks Weekend, the opportunity to submit their work for validation. Using a systematic approach, The Officials will make a decision on whether the art is valid as art and if so, provide an official stamp and docket recording the validation.

The Women’s Art Activation System (WAAS) is an artist collective formed in December 2016 with the aim to support, explore and promote women’s art.

By playfully appropriating models from institutions such as corporate business, government, healthcare, and the military, The WAAS seeks to develop systems for the activation of women’s art that can be applied in many different cultural, temporal and physical settings.

Sharon Bennett is a socially engaged artist. Working collaboratively with community groups, artists or family and friends she blurs the boundaries between the traditional positions of artist, artwork and audience. Bennett was recently Artist in Residence at Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, is co-founder of Croshare and a founding member of The Women’s Art Activation System (WAAS).

Sarah Dixon is a socially-engaged conceptual artist using a wide range of platforms and media to create participatory works. A founding member of the WAAS, her work explores how the human social organism functions and evolves both online and IRL. Her work has been shown at the ICA, Oblong Gallery and on a cyberbus in Moscow. Dixon is a current recipient of an AN mentoring award.


Sarah Dixon, Sharon Bennett

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Various locations

Peckham Rye, Rye Lane, London, UK