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LIVE #1: Contract With the Skin

Performance by Nicholas Tee, Photo by Manuel Vason &Bean



Raven Row, 56 Artillery Lane, London E1 7LS, UK


Saturday 6 October, 1pm–5pm

‘An adequate response to violence necessitates the negotiation of a contract with the future.’ – Simon Leung, Squatting through Violence

‘and I might add, with those we meet along the way.’ – Kathy O’Dell, Contract with the skin

The actions here constitute a performative research into the institutionalized form of live art practice for which the discursive condition for Asian/Southeast Asian performance artists and activists are underscored.

Placed in the eyes of the beholder, the body is to distance the interplay between representation and presentation, and to negotiate a contract of decoloniality and solidarity with other protagonists of color.

This gathering is of performance artists of Asian descent.

Each work in the shared space, one after another, with a pause or in overlap.

A colonization in reverse, a parody of identity.

With their body as archive and site of action, along time, across spaces.

They come individually and work collectively.

Presence is preserved by the skin, imbued with the body, in contract with an urgency to be. 

Identity is only a placeholder for the wide range of individual practice and research to investigate across themes of racial and social justice, gender and sex politics, body and material, voice and sound, public engagement and social experiment.


LIVE ARCHIVE / artist workshop, Saturday 6 October, 1-4pm

Artists Samboleap Tol and Abbas Zahedi invite artists and researchers to curate a live archive together. Participants are asked to bring any objects or ideas that relate to their current research and existence. These could include documents, artifacts, objects, artworks or even a half-eaten sandwich.

The aim of the workshop is to curate a space that can generate, unlock and (re)realise ideas and connections between the participants and their research. The process will be documented through a live recording and extensive note-taking.

PASAWAY SARI SARI STORE #000 is essentially a mutation of the concept of a Sari Sari, corner/convenience store and bodegas – places usually managed by people of colour; a multipurpose place that provide a “variety” of essential things and a point of social engagement for locals.

The concept focuses on establishing a first point of contact for people, utilising the notions of “variety” as an intervention; serving as a way to provide them with press releases for the entire event, as well as a place to participate, share, sell/donate (?) exchange and network.

In hopes to address a boundary of being the ‘other’, the piece oscillates between the interchangeable relationship of insider/outsider and self/other of the place it inhabits, creating a form of social exchange deep rooted from an exploration of transnational consciousness. A fragmented sense of being driven by its temporality, it constantly mutates itself, questioning the tension of what it means to exist and coexist parasitically throughout its duration in the environment it is in.


FLOW is a 3 day series of events, performances, talks, and screenings, initiated by Erika Tan in association with Researchers-in-Residence Bettina Fung & Ada Hao, Founding Member Annie Jael Kwan and with the participation, input and support of the AAA network, Iniva, Live Art Development Agency and Alex and Rhian from Raven Row.

See the 3-day program here:

Flow Day#1 / Oct 4th / 530pm to 830pm/ Screening / Southeast Asia Performance Archive from Live Art Development Agency, curated by Sung Tieu, Annie Jael Kwan, Erika Tan.

Flow Day#2 / Oct 5th / 530pm to 830pm/ Performance Lecture, Presentation and Talks on the theme CIRCULATION / with Cuong Pham, Fyerool Darma, Erika Tan, Xiaoyi Nie

Flow Day #3 / Oct 4th / 1pm to 5pm / Contract with the Skin/ Live Performances


Bettina Fung, Mengting Zhuo, Quek Jia Qi, You He, Ada Hao, Kimvi Nguyen, Eunjung Kim, Nicholas Tee, Ying Xue, Tianqi Liu, Ni Li, Yanwen Xiong, Boram Moon, Howl Yuan, Samboleap Tol, Abbas Zahedi, Chi Bagtas, Glo Orpilla


Ada Hao (PAPRIKA), in collaboration with Bettina Fung

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Under 16s


Raven Row, 56 Artillery Lane, London E1 7LS, UK