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Edge Effects: Artists and Animals on the Margins

Olga Koroleva, Patterns of care (2018-), still from video work-in-progress


Evening Class

48 Aberfeldy Street, London E14 0NU, UK


Friday 5 October, 6.30pm–8.30pm

Film screening and peer-led discussion around interspecies strategies of care, cooperation and resistance…
Edge effects – the ecological impact of borders created by agriculture, mining or urban development – are a conflicted area of study. Some research has argued that greater biodiversity and abundance is found near edges, while other studies suggest that the expansion of edges and habitat fragmentation has led to the decline of numerous species.
In an open study session, we invite artists and peers to consider ‘edge effects’ as a model for thinking about artistic survival. The discussion will hinge on the screening of recent and in-progress moving image by Olga Koroleva, Bryony Gillard and Tuuli Malla, which develop ideas of co-domestication, peripheral perspectives and non-human improvisation. In an increasingly fragmented and hostile environment, how might artists and animals adapt to life on the margins?
Spaces are limited, please book a free place:
Edge Effects is co-organised by The Political Animal and wrkwrkwrk, and hosted by Evening Class. The Political Animal holds a monthly reading session, and organises exchange and exhibition opportunities for artists, writers, curators, and scientists, supporting cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural examination of interspecies relations. wrkwrkwrk is a feminist study group organising peer-led discussions and collaborations concerned with technology, decoloniality and the body. Evening Class is a self-organising design experiment in London.


Olga Koroleva, Bryony Gillard, Tuuli Malla


Rowan Lear

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Evening Class

48 Aberfeldy Street, London E14 0NU, UK