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Donszelmann, Gunning, Robertson


Grand Square, Royal Naval College, Greenwich University

London SE10 9JF, UK


Saturday 6 October, 10am–5.15pm

‘Incandescent’ will be an ambulatory reading of Virginia Woolf’s ‘A Room of One’s Own’ orchestrated in the quadrangle of the Grand Square on Greenwich University’s Royal Naval College site. The event is open to anyone who wishes to participate.

A Room of One’s Own’ begins with the image of the female writer intercepted and excluded from walking on the Oxford grass reserved for the (male) Scholars and Fellows by a uniformed and indignant Oxfordian beadle. This scene provides the impetus for the event and its siting at the Grand Square in Greenwich. Written in 1928, Woolf’s text both looks back in time and (optimistically) imagines a time 100 years in the future. There Woolf imagines that woman’s writing will become untethered from the empirical and psychological impediments of her world to date and that she will have scope to realise the ‘incandescence’ of a Shakespeare – brilliant, androgynous and unobstructed. ‘A Room of One’s Own’ is a feminist text but the questions it raises around artistic horizons and obstructions resonate well beyond the specific object of her reflections.

In this event people are asked to join us in walking and reading to each other in groups of three around the institutional site of the quadrangle. The entire text will be read across the space of the day. Through the participatory process of its reading, the text becomes rhythmic and live. In 2018 we are moving toward the projected date of Woolf’s dreamed of future. Our aim is that its contemporary relevance within the wider contemporary politics of power, gender, class and race – which in this moment of political and economic instability are coming ever more into focus – will make itself felt in a bodily way. Via a collective movement of bodies and voices, the event is intended as a means to reconsider (and re-actualise) the meaning, challenge and insistence of Woolf’s text within the context of the here and now.

Please join us as readers or bystanders for all or some of the text. See schedule for estimated timings below.

Saturday 6th October
Chapter 1  – 10.00am
Chapter 2   – 11.00am
Chapter 3  –  12.noon
Chapter 4  –   2.00pm
Chapter 5   –  3.00pm
Chapter 6  –   4.30pm


Bernice Donszelmann, Lucy Gunning, Helen Robertson

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Under 16s

Grand Square, Royal Naval College, Greenwich University

London SE10 9JF, UK