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Let’s stay in touch is a research project on process-oriented sonic practices and dynamic forms of events. It has continuously been evolving through close collaboration amongst its core members Caterina Gobbi, Johanna Hardt, Poppy Moroney, and Sara Rodrigues. Rather than mounting an investigation of audition that exhibits sonic findings as compositions in their final stage, the project focuses on works in progress, openness and production.

The project takes shape through an event (‘Rhythm of Relations’, at The Glove That Fits in Hackney, Sep 19th), an exhibition (Enclave Lab, Oct 5th-Oct 8th) and a publication (Launch, Enclave Lab, Oct 4th ).

The event lays the foundation for what will be created for the exhibition by initiating situations of sound making that pose the audience as active listeners letting their responses directly feed into the process of making. Participating artists weave together responses from audience, space and other elements conditioning the event, to then develop each piece further for the exhibition. Performed pieces explore what constitutes moments of becoming in relation to the physical apparatus of sensation and investigate how the environment is being sensed and shaped through sounds.
The exhibition features the sonic compositions whilst manifesting their progression shifting its focus to elements commonly remaining hidden to the audience, like production, process and research. This approach investigates the process-based possibilities of the gallery space and explores how something can emerge from a live performance event.
The publication accompanies the exhibition and is free of charge. It assembles contributions by all participants in order to contextualise the project and its development as well as individual exhibited works and the research that went into them.


Caterina Gobbi, Poppy Moroney, Sara Rodrigues


Johanna Hardt

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EnclaveLab Space

50 Resolution Way, London SE8 4AL