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Non Verbal Gabfest

Non Verbal Gabfest - Campbell Works


Campbell Works

27 Belfast Rd, Cazenove, London N16 6UN, UK


Sunday 7 October, 2pm–5pm

An experimental discussion, around art, education, explicit memory and haptic feedback.
With Professor Lala Meredith Vula

A chance to collectively explore ideas that surround materiality and the tactile relationship we have with the world around us. We are currently witnessing a ‘post studio’ art world emerge, as pressures on space force other artists from the capital. Internet and digital production systems are beginning to dominate material based art ‘objects’.

What would the future look like if all art were manufactured by machines? Will artists become solely curators and art directors of their own ideas, removed from the tactile creation of the art object, and how does this affect those unexpected outcomes that make the creative process so exciting. At a time when many other industries, such as bread, cheese and beer, which have long been highly mechanised, begin to return to the hand crafted artisanal item art seems to be traveling in the opposite direction.

Throughout the afternoon we hope to question if this is the desired direction art should take or simply the consequences of economic pressures and a seismic shift within our educational bias? Is this what society needs or wants, and more importantly is it what artists want?

(starting promptly at 2pm)


Harriet Murray

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Under 16s

Campbell Works

27 Belfast Rd, Cazenove, London N16 6UN, UK